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  • economist
    January 3, 2015 “Institutional investors such as pension funds see farmland as fertile ground to plough … farming them out to specialist funds … Over the past 20 years in America, annual returns of 12% have caused some to dub it “gold with a coupon” … it out performed most asset classes … with low volatility … and farmland is less sensitive to economic shocks (people continue to eat even during downturns in interest rate hikes) …”
  • Investing in Sustainable Farm Partners Means …

    Sustainable Farm Partners converts conventional GMO-based farmland to certified organic creating a dramatic increase in returns with significantly higher crop values and lower production costs.
    With decades of experience in both organic and conventional farming, our managers and operators have developed the expertise to convert conventional farmland to organic. Our carefully selected crop rotations yield significant returns while improving soil health and the environment.
    SFP directly manages each owned and operated farm using a crop share model where the partners, operators and management all have a stake in the profitability of each crop and soil restoration.
    With the richest farmland in the world, Iowa is the primary focus for SFP farms. SFP only invests in farming regions that have the abundant precipitation needed for row crop farming.
    In every respect, Sustainable Farm Partners is a triple bottom line investment fostering greater profits and a healthier environment while returning vitality to rural communities.