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  • We are all about Impact Investing: Plant an investment seed and watch your community grow towards an alternative food system that is healthier, affordable, sustainable and in great demand. Our SFP farm program offers a long-term and economically stable investment by bringing like-minded investors and farmers together. We share a lot in common.

  • Organic “Capital Growth”

    Investing in organic farmland is all about balance, resiliency and capital growth. In addition to “capital growth” we also grow healthier soil that in turn grows healthier crops, healthier people as well as healthier returns. Investing with SFP achieves capital growth in two ways:

    1. Using SFP’s organic farming model, net operating incomes are more than double that of conventional farming due to much higher margins and lower costs. Consumer demand for organics is exploding growing to $35B per year. Demand is four times greater than the number of organic farms in production and this imbalance is expected to remain for the foreseeable future.
    2. Organic farming increases land value by increasing soil fertility, reducing erosion and filtering water and soil of toxins. This is in addition to farmland values that have already increased an average of 12.4% per year between 2000 and 2011.

    Investing with SFP in organic Iowa farmland adds balance and sustainability to both our soil and investment portfolios. It is a unique asset class that offers both a return on assets as well as a return of assets. There is no need to compromise. And, regardless of the economy, we all need to eat.

    How many ways do your investments grow? Are they in balance?

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