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  • We are all about Impact Investing: Plant an investment seed and watch your community grow towards an alternative food system that is healthier, more affordable, sustainable and in great demand. Our SFP farm program offers a long-term and economically stable investment by bringing like-minded investors and farmers together. We share a lot in common.

  • The meaning of “capital growth”

    Investing in organic farmland is all about balance, resiliency and defines the term “growth capital”. Our capital grows healthy soil, which grows healthy crops, which grows healthy people and in turn grows a healthier environment. As a result, our investment grows too.

    Investing in organic farmland acknowledges the need for balance. Our partner is nature in whom we have a core trust. While nature is very consistent always seeking a balance, when mankind tilts that balance, nature responds in predictable and dramatic climatic ways. Organic farming is in balance with nature and in return nature delivers healthy balanced returns.

    How many ways do your investments grow? Are they in balance? 

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