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February 21st, 2015 by sfp


Environment: Organic farming practices are key to restoring the biodiversity in the soil. Healthy soil mitigates the adverse impact commercial farming has on not only the soil but also on air and water quality. Organic farming also frees the farmer from dependence on oil-based inputs that are unsustainable, can be environmentally harmful and costly. This allows nature to lead … sustaining Earth’s bounty for future generations.


Society: Growing wholesome food untainted by pesticides creates a healthier local food system. Local food systems in turn help bring jobs back to local communities. By eliminating agricultural runoff we respect our down stream neighbors and restore the health of all communities.


sfpeconomy2Economy: Organic crops bring higher margins and often at lower costs. Typically, organic field corn sells for twice the price of conventional field corn. The drought of 2012 sent all corn prices soaring with organic corn reaching $16.25/bu while conventional corn brought $6.98/bu. Sustainable organic farming delivers stable incomes for farmers and investment partners alike. Economic benefits also extend beyond to surrounding communities by eliminating costly pollution clean up that often accompanies runoff from industrial farming creating costly clean up at public community expense.


Sustainable Farm Partners, LLP are dedicated to deliver this triple-net value proposition to every farm investment, every farm operator we work with and to every community where we make our investments.

Fundamental: A healthy environment, healthy society and healthy economy improve the bottom line for everyone.

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