Sustainable Farm Partners

About Us

Statement of Purpose: Sustainable Farm Partners, LLP practices sustainable, organic farming.  We are about stewardship. We focus on environmentally sound farm investments that provide strong long-term financial returns for both our operators and investors while strengthening our rural communities.


Sustainable Farm Partners LLP is a private equity partnership focused on acquiring high quality conventional farmland and converting it to a sustainable organic status. Our program is designed to deliver a stable income to our investment partners in the fastest growing segment of the food industry, organic foods. In addition, farmland has also shown dramatic increases in value over the past 10 years.

To be successful at all levels of sustainability we work to simultaneously succeed in all three areas of triple-net investing: support of the Environment.  Through our sustainable farming practices, investing in local rural communities to build a strong and vibrant Society and at all times, create growth and stability for our investors, farm operators and our Economy.

Sustainable Farm Partners, LLP offers our investors the security of having ownership in a most fundamental expression of Primary Wealth, farmland ownership.  Ask yourself: “Where does everything we depend on in our lives come from?” 

You are standing on the answer. The Earth. From below the soil comes the natural resources we depend on. From above the soil comes the food and shelter that we depend on to live. In farming terms, a farmer can work hard to raise a crop but if the land is deficient in essential nutrients and dependent on non-renewable resources to grow his crop, he is poor … hence the term “dirt poor”. If however, his land is rich in organic matter and his farming practice is sustainable and renews his soil, he is “soil rich”. This is the difference between soil and dirt.  An unintended consequence of modern-day industrial farming practices is the tendency to turn what was once soil into dirt. SFP seeks higher, sustainable financial returns with a focus on purchasing quality farm ground and returning it to organically rich, productive soil.