Sustainable Farm Partners acquires Fairfield organic farm

Over the past year Sustainable Farm Partners (SFP) has been in negotiations with the Sustainable Farm Development Group to purchase their 150 acre organic farm just north of Fairfield, Iowa. This acquisition represents SFP’s decision to move beyond their original fund structure, shifting to building individual investment partnerships containing one or multiple farms. The partnership, Fairfield One LLC, is a Reg D, 504 entity.

The farm is 150 acres made up of 120 tillable acres with grass waterways and a 25 acre farmstead with a farmhouse, 2,000 sq. ft. certified food grade production facility, grain bins, a greenhouse, two ponds and a beautiful old barn with a barn owl couple keeping watch over the mice population.

Every farm has a story. Vince Jeager, a long time organic farmer in Jefferson county, will operate the farm for the partnership under the direction of Harn Soper, Managing Member. The farm’s history goes back through Jeager’s family to 1915. His mother was raised on the farm and as the story goes, her mother, Jeager’s grandmother, would harvest the walnuts that fell from the tree that is still prolific to this day. 

She would then line them up in the car tracks that led into the garage so when she drove in and out the husks would be crushed from around the shell. During the winter she would crack the meat from the shells for pies and other delights.

With this farm purchase, SFP continues its focus on preserving organic farms and converting conventional farms to organic. The investment program has a ten-year vision at which time the farm will be sol back to each farm’s operator, putting this farm back into Jeager’s family farm legacy.

“In every organic farm partnership our investors and farm operators share in the risks that come with farming. Under a crop share agreement as well as an agreement to share in the input expenses, everyone is invested in the success of the farm.” Said Soper, CEO of SFP. The structure and cropping principles of each farm are a result of Soper’s own experience in transitioning his family farms in Northwest Iowa to organic. SFP has three more Iowa organic farms in its pipeline in the coming months.

Harn Soper is founder of Sustainable Farm Partners focusing on new investment models that preserve and expand the future of organic farming.