What do pheasants know that you don’t?

As reported in “The Fence Post” on May 24th, Iowa farmer Rayse deBarrows was wondering if GMO corn was good for his prize pigs. So, this past winter  he decided to do a “taste preference test” on a flock of wild pheasants that lived on his farm. deBorrows took two buckets of corn to the heart of the pheasant habitat, one GMO and the other non-GMO.

Two days later, much to his surprise, he found that the pheasants had eaten every kernel of the non-GMO corn and left piles of the GMO corn untouched. 

Caught on camera, pheasants go wild over non-GMO corn.

Non-GMO is what organic farms are all about and more … no GMOs, no chemicals, only natural organic and hybrids grains. Organic farms produce healthy grains for healthy food, healthy communities, healthy water, healthy soil … and healthy profits. 

So what can we learn from our fine feathered friends? Consumers get it as the demand for organic food surges. Does your investment strategy?

Think about it.