Direct Organic Farmland Investing

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Fairfield One, LLC

$1,300,000 ~ $1/Membership Unit ~ Closed at $1,250,000
Purchase Price $8,300/acre plus reserve
Fairfield One, LLC is an Iowa partnership registered under SEC Rule 504.
Investment is available to both accredited and non-accredited investors.



Fairfield One is located at 2037 140th Street, Fairfield, IA 52556. This is a direct sale. This farm has been certified organic for 26 years. The farm is 150 acres comprised of 125 tillable acres for organic row crops. 25 acres are in pasture and homestead buildings. The farm’s average CSR2 rating (corn suitability rating as determined by Iowa State University’s Extension Service) is 79.9. This rating system is based on the soil profile, slope characteristics and regional weather conditions that are suitable for growing row crops. It is an index ranging from 0 to 100 with CSR2 values of 100 being the most productive.

Thankful Harvest Partners, LLC

$2,246,400 ~ $1/Membership Unit ~ $75,000 Minimum
Purchase Price: $6,709/acre plus reserve
SFM has the authority to lower the minimum investment on a case by case basis
This is a registered Iowa partnership under SEC Rule 501(a)



This farm has been in the German family since 1936. Tom and his wife Kristi are the third generation along with their forth generation children to live and work on the farm. In 1999, Tom and Kristi began the organic transition process. In 2004 their farm was certified organic where they market their farm’s products under the name Thankful Harvest. They are partners in Thankful Harvest Partners, LLC and will continue as farm operators on this 320 acre parcel. Tom will continue farming his own multi-faceted farm with a focus on organic grains and organic pasture raised beef, lambs and poultry. 

Thankful Harvest Farm. LLC is located at 5139 210th Street, Holstein IA and has been certified organic for 14 years. The average CSR2 is 74.2 with a mixture of productive Galva, Kennebec, Colo-Judson and Ida silty clay loam soils. The farm is within an easy 10-mile access to Highways 59 & 20. The organic crop rotation includes corn, soybeans, small grains and cover crops. 

Partnering with Thankful Harvest Partners, LLC enablers Tom & Kristi to financially secure their legacy family farm and grow their farm equity in preparation for the next generation.