Direct Organic Farmland Investing

Welcome to new opportunities in organic farmland investing

Fairfield One, LLC

$1,300,000 ~ $1/Membership Unit ~ Closed at $1,250,000
Purchase Price $8,300/acre plus reserve
Fairfield One, LLC is an Iowa partnership registered under SEC Rule 504.
Investment is available to both accredited and non-accredited investors.



Fairfield One is located at 2037 140th Street, Fairfield, IA 52556. This is a direct sale. This farm has been certified organic for 26 years. The farm is 150 acres comprised of 125 tillable acres for organic row crops. 25 acres are in pasture and homestead buildings. The farm’s average CSR2 rating (corn suitability rating as determined by Iowa State University’s Extension Service) is 79.9. This rating system is based on the soil profile, slope characteristics and regional weather conditions that are suitable for growing row crops. It is an index ranging from 0 to 100 with CSR2 values of 100 being the most productive.

Wedemeier Farm Partners LLC

$1,261,440 ~ $1/Membership Unit ~ $35,000 Minimum

Wedemeier Farm Partners, LLC is an Iowa Limited Liability Company  registered under SEC Rule 501(a) Investment is available to both accredited and non-accredited investors.

1 Parcel ~ Certified Organic Farmland
155 acres (146 tillable)

This is a direct sale contract



Grassway Farm is a family run, 3rd generation dairy and crop farm. Gary (dad) and Scott (son) Wedemeier own and manage the farm together with a lot of support from Scott’s wife Catherine and their four children.

The farm is located at 18663 110th Street, Maynard IA 50655

The original farm started over 50 years ago as 172 acre homestead and has since grown to over 700 acres today. In 2015 they started the transition from conventional dairy and crop production to organic. In October 2017 the dairy cows and land were certified organic. This diversified farm includes row crops, 180 dairy cows, a small group of pasture raised hogs, and steers that are direct marketed through the Grassway Farm website.

In 2014 Scott and his father agreed that running a conventional dairy farm was not profitable enough for Scott to buy his father out so his father could retire unless they converted to an organic dairy and row crop farm. And so, their journey to organic began.

Their organic transition included a 160 acre field 5 miles from the dairy. These are the acres Wedemeier Farm Partners are purchasing. The sale will finance the Wedemeier’s purchase of an additional 160 acres immediately adjacent their dairy operations. The partnership will engage with Scott and Gary to continue to farm this ground on a crop share basis.

The average *CSR2 for this 155 acre parcel averages 88.3 with a mixture of productive Kenton loam, Clyde-Floyd Complex soils with between 2% & 5% slopes.

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