The SFP Farm teams are distributed across the state. Each team member represents an organic zone where farm purchases will be targeted and additional team members recruited. Within the network, crops and related expenses can be aggregated to create some economies of scale in purchasing and selling strength. This graphic also shows the average price per acre across the state.

Consider becoming one of our Farm Operators. We are working with the best sustainable organic farmers like you. If you see an opportunity for us to work together, please contact us. We are looking for farm ground and nearby farm operators who share our goals for a more sustainable organic food system.

There are multiple ways to partner together. Typically we have worked within a crop share agreement but depending on circumstances we will consider lease opportunities as well. We favor a long-term relationship and require our farm operator partners to be compliant with organic standards. SFP has contacts for selling our organic crops and takes advantage of aggregating crops from multiple farms when it makes economic sense. In a crop share or lease, you as the operator have control over how you wish to sell or use your share.

We offer our farm operators an opportunity to join the partnership and receive the value and benefits of an investment partner. At any point where the land may be sold by the partnership, we offer our operators the right of first refusal to purchase the ground they have been farming.

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