Mission and Goals

Partnership is the centerpiece to our work. Our Sustainability Pledge is to offer organic farmland partnerships that are:

in  balance with our neighbors who are impacted by our investment
increases the health and welfare of our environment that we all depend on
delivers the profits necessary to sustain us
and in partnership, Sustainable Farm Managers underwrites success by balancing these interests to co-create a sustainable and prosperous world

We offer our investors the security of having ownership in the most fundamental expression of Primary Wealth, farmland. Ask yourself: “Where does everything we depend on in our lives come from?” You are standing on the answer. The Earth. Within a single teaspoon of healthy soil lives a billion bacteria, several yards of fungal filaments, several thousand protozoa and scores of nematodes that all plants depend on. Above heathy soil grows all the healthy food we need.

Our focus is on scalable certified organic grain production growing corn, soybeans and small grains such as oats, wheat, barley and other staples that make up a majority of our diet. 

Crop Sharing between our investors and our operating farmers insures that we all are co-invested in a healthy and successful return.

Cost Sharing spreads risk between all parties and the incentive to manage costs carefully.

Our Partnership Structure gives a voice to all partners. As a pass through entity, profits and losses go directly to the investing partners. Our farm operators are encouraged to also participate as an investment partner.

Management and oversight is conducted by the SFM managing partner who also is an investor. 

Commitment between the Partnership and our farm operator is made for the 7 to 10 term of this investment. 

A Purchase incentive to buy the farm upon liquidation is offered to our farm operators with a right of first refusal. This opportunity to own the farm incentivizes our farm operators to maintain the farm in optimal condition and build their personal farm equity. 

Sustainable Farm Partners/ Sustainable Farm Managers


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